The FreeReel: your cord and hoses new best friend!

FreeReel Testimonials

I have a kitchen remodeling business (Caliber Cabinets). The folks at Martin Product Design worked with me in the development of the FreeReel. I have been using different versions of the Freereel for more than a year, and it has become an essential part of my business. I use it everyday, and it saves me both time and trouble.
— Andy Holtzen, Caliber Cabinets
The FreeReel is a great tool for storing and using cords. I can quickly roll out as much cord as I need, and easily roll it back onto the reel work the work is done. No more tangled messes! This great tool that makes me wonder why I didn’t get one sooner.
— Tom Syring, Red Dog Remodeling, LLC
I love the FreeReel. I use it with my edge trimmer all the time. It has solved my extension cord problems. Thanks Martin Product Design.
— Pete H. - City of Madison Civil Engineer

See the FreeReel in action!

Do You Use:

  • Cords

    • Extension

    • Electric

  • Hoses

    • Air

    • Water

  •  Cables

    • Audio

    • Video

    • Data

  • Ropes

    • Recreation Uses

    • Arbory




You enjoy using the freereel system with cords, hoses, cables and ropes

Wouldn’t It Be Freedom If:

  • You no longer worry about:

    • Tangles

    • Or kinks in your cords, air and water hoses, cables and ropes

  • You no longer stress when MANAGING:

    • Coiling, uncoiling, and storing of your cords, air and water hoses, cables and ropes

  • You have more:

    • Time AND less frustration

  • You now enjoy:

    • Using cords, hoses, cables and ropes

  • You save money because your cords and hoses:

    • Stay cleaner AND last longer.

Introducing the FreeReel System By Martin Product Design

The FreeReel System: The BEST system available for Handling Cords, Hoses, Cables and Ropes

  • New, unique, patented system for ending problems with cords, hoses, cables and ropes

  • Designed to allow unlimited flexibility in use

    • Use it as a portable reel. Bring your cords and hoses to the job!

    • Store the reel on your wall. Always ready in your shop or garage!

    • Place your FreeReel anywhere between the outlet and point of use!

  • Use your own cords, hoses, cables and ropes

    • Coil, uncoil, and store 1, 2, 3 or more cords on one FreeReel

    • Coil, uncoil, and store cords, hoses, ropes, and cables together on one FreeReel

    • Coil, uncoil, and store Christmas tree light strands and other unusual geometry cords and hoses

  • Zero maintenance - no troublesome slip couplings or winding springs

  • Large capacity – 100 feet of 12/3 extension cord

  • Glass reinforced, UV stabilized nylon, Stainless steel hardware, 5 year warranty

  • Designed in Wisconsin

  • Made in the USA.

FreeReel vs. other Reel Systems

The FreeReel has many advantages over conventional reel systems. Click to see how it compares.

The FreeReel System
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FreeReel Pro Package
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Single FreeReel Cassette
24.95 35.00
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Double Pack of FreeReel Cassettes
44.95 69.95
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Wall Storage Mount
10.95 20.50
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FreeReel Cord Guide and Control Arm
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