FreeReel Storage Reel with Precision Guide
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The FreeReel: your cord and hoses new best friend!

FreeReel Testimonials

I have a kitchen remodeling business (Caliber Cabinets). The folks at Martin Product Design worked with me in the development of the FreeReel. I have been using different versions of the Freereel for more than a year, and it has become an essential part of my business. I use it everyday, and it saves me both time and trouble.
— Andy Holtzen, Caliber Cabinets
The FreeReel is a great tool for storing and using cords. I can quickly roll out as much cord as I need, and easily roll it back onto the reel work the work is done. No more tangled messes! This great tool that makes me wonder why I didn’t get one sooner.
— Tom Syring, Red Dog Remodeling, LLC
I love the FreeReel. I use it with my edge trimmer all the time. It has solved my extension cord problems. Thanks Martin Product Design.
— Pete H. - City of Madison Civil Engineer

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