Answer: We designed the FreeReel Cord and Hose Management System to be as flexible as possible. You can manage cords, air hoses, water hoses, cables, ropes, ribbons, tubes, audio, video, and fiber optic cables. You choose what you want to wind up! However, if a hose or cord or cable is too stiff, or the cover is too sticky, it might not work well on the FreeReel. For example, remodeling type air hoses generally work well on the FreeReel. The larger diameter rubber coated hoses, no so much. If you are wondering if a particular cord, hose, or cable will work on the FreeReel, please contact us and we will try to get you an assessment of how it will work with the FreeReel.

Question: How come the FreeReel does not require a slip coupling, but I can still use my extension cord with it partially wound on the reel?

Answer: All other conventional cord reels that can be used live (with the cord partially wound on the reel) need a slip coupling. This is because the end of the cord with the wall plug would get a full twist each time the reel was rotated a full rotation. Without a slip coupling, winding a cord on a conventional reel would destroy the cord from all of the twists in the end of the cord. The FreeReel System is different because when it is coiling or uncoiling there is no twisting of the cord or hose.

Question: Can I use a cord that’s tangled to start with on the FreeReel?

Answer: Yes. Do your best to straighten out the cord first, but you will find that the more you use the FreeReel the more your old tangled cords will relax into a more useable condition.

Question: I have a number of smaller cords (25’-50’), can I wind and unwind them together on the FreeReel so they can be used and stored as one cord?

Answer: Yes. The winding horn on the FreeReel is large enough to allow winding through with almost any type of cord connectors, please don’t tie the cords together.

Question: Can I easily store cords and hoses on the reel?

Answer: Yes. In fact the winding handle is removable so you just need one handle for any number of reels you might want to have. We love doing this ourselves, as it’s a great way to organize and store all our cords and hoses.

Question: Can I wind multiple cords of different kinds on the FreeReel at the same time?

Answer: Yes. You are free to wind what you want, when you want, with whatever you want to wind it with.

Question: Can I use my FreeReel outside?

Answer: Yes. In fact it is designed to operate in salty marine environments. Nothing on the reel is going to rust, corrode, or dissolve. The only thing we suggest you do is keep your FreeReel relatively clean. There is a bearing unit on the inside of the core, and while it is protected and can be easily cleaned out, you will find you have many more years of smooth winding if you keep dirt out of the bearing in the first place.

Question: What is the warranty on the FreeReel?

Answer: We really like our reel, so we at Martin Product Design have given it the longest warranty in the cord reel business. Our FreeReel is warrantied to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years from the date of purchase*. We can do that because it’s not made of low cost plastic like other reels. It is made of extremely tough fiber reinforced engineered plastics. This, plus the exceptional engineering that has gone into the design, is the reason your FreeReel will be around and working with you for many years. *This does not include things like (but not limited to) running a saw blade through it, dropping it off a very tall building, or running over it with your dually, repeatedly.

Question: Can I return or exchange my product?

Answer: Yes. We want you to be happy with your FreeReel. If you are not for any reason, let us know. We will help you return or exchange your FreeReel for up to 30 Days from your purchase date. We require that the product be in new condition and in its original box. Inbound freight will not be covered by MPD.